Company Overview


We will become the truely first-class company, setting CU in a different league from other convenience stores.

CEO of BGF Retail
Sueng-Bae Min

Be Good Friends! BGF Retail aims to be good friends with customers and society.

Since launching its own brand CU in 2012, BGF Retail has developed into Korea's leading convenience store company in name and reality by introducing a new model for Korean convenience stores. Now, CU has opened the era of its 500th global store for the first time in K-convenience stores by expanding its territory beyond Korea to Mongolia, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan. In order to meet convenience store CU like a good friend anywhere in the world, BGF Retail continues to innovate customer-oriented with the spirit of challenge and passion.

The affection and dedication of our customers, franchisees, executives, employees, and partners have contributed to our growth journey under the banner of our customers' convenient daily lives. BGF Retail, along with all these stakeholders, pursues a good friend-like company that grows and develops greater happiness.

We are also making efforts to become good friends in our society. Social contribution activities using the largest store network in Korea, such as I CU(I Care for YOU), a report and prevention program, and BGF Bridge, a national disaster emergency relief system, are recognized as sincere ESG management practices of companies. BGF Retail will continue to fulfill its possible role and responsibilities as the public infrastructure closest to our lives.

BGF Retail is now aiming for a company that impresses people beyond the convenience of everyday life. Products and services that contain CU's unique sensitivity and value, a pleasant shopping experience that will move the hearts of customers, and a future that grows together with employees, stores, and partners. BGF Retail promises to do its best to become a truly respected company and a truly top-ranked company in 格. Please continue to show a lot of interest and love to your good friend BGF Retail.

Thank you.

CEO of BGF Retail Sueng-Bae Min