Environmental Management

As a company that tries to give back to the global environment, BGF Retail strives to build an eco-friendly value chain and provide eco-friendly products and services.

Environmental Management System

BGF Retail established its core goal of creating an eco-friendly value chain to minimize carbon emissions in the entire business process and established three core tasks: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the use of plastic and disposable products, and reducing waste and expanding recycling. Currently, the performance of each of these core tasks is reported to the ESG Management Committee on a quarterly basis.


Be Green Friends


Establishing Eco-Friendly Value Chain


Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reducing Plastic/Disposable Product Usage

Reducing Waste and Expanding Recycling

Mid-to Long-term Goal

Reduce 50% in the use of disposable and plastic consumables,
All-easy package PLA material, Remove labels from all water bottles

Environmental Policies

BGF Retail contributes to realizing a sustainable society by optimizing the use of products and services contributive to safeguarding the natural environment, based on our corporate ideology.


We comply with laws and establish the industry-leading, both international and nationwide, environmental goals.


To provide eco-friendly services, we seek continuous innovation in the entire process of our business.


As corporate citizens, we proactively work for the environmental improvement of the local community based on our social responsibility.


We disclose our information transparently and communicate with stakeholders earnestly.


We prioritize the natural environment in all our business activities to follow these policies.

CEO of BGF Retail
Sueng-Bae Min

Environmental Management Assurance

Environmental Management System (ISO14001)

BGF Retail is the first in the industry to obtain ISO14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management, and reduces environmental risks by reviewing and assessing the environmental impact of company-wide business activities.

Management system certificate(ISO14001)

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

For the realization of carbon neutrality, BGF Retail has been collectively managing greenhouse gases for fixed and mobile emission sources since 2016. In 2021, we voluntarily established a greenhouse gas inventory for the first time in the industry and obtained certification after receiving third-party verification from a global verification agency. BGF Retail selected two BGF Logistics centers with the highest carbon emissions among its businesses and conducted third-party verification and inventory of greenhouse gases.

Independent Assurance Statement