Company Overview

Corporate Competency

BGF Retail is a comprehensive distribution company
that improves the quality of life and contributes to social development
by providing products and services adapted to customers' lifestyles.

A new standard for a Korean convenience store that creates a convenient life

By always providing new and fresh products and services through CU, Korea's No. 1 convenience store brand, we create a convenient life for customers, grow together with franchisees, and realise a service network that contributes to the local community.

Develop and produce convenience store food that you can eat with confidence at any time

We operate an innovative control tower of various food R&D and manufacturing and production to provide convenience store fresh food with taste, nutrition, and convenience all 365 days a year, such as packed meal, jumeok-bap, gimbap, sandwiches, hamburgers, and salads.

Responsible for stable logistics supply from Ulleungdo to Baengnyeongdo, the southernmost island

Since the establishment of the industry's first dedicated logistics centre in 1992, we have built an integrated logistics centre at every major base across the country and have always provided a stable total logistics service from alleys in cities to convenience stores in remote islands and mountains.

We are creating a new story for K-convenience stores on the global stage

As Korea's leading convenience store, CU is expanding into the world by signing master franchise contracts with global local companies. We are opening up new possibilities on the global stage, such as Mongolia, which has the largest market share, and Malaysia, where the “K-convenience store” is booming.