BGF Retail will always be
by your side

  • The franchise operation system of Korea's # 1 convenience store

    From a branch management solution that leads franchisees to success to a central kitchen that supplies fresh food 365 days a year and a stable total logistics service that operates throughout the country. Experience the advanced all-in-one convenience store operation and distribution franchise system of BGF Retail.

  • Pocket CU, Bringing together online and offline

    Search the inventory of products in CUs across the country, be the first to “like” hot new products, get them delivered or pick them up at the nearest CU, and collect benefits in the Coupon Box. Pocket CU, which brings together the online and offline experiences, provides an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience.

  • K-convenience stores, Gaining recognition on the global stage

    CU, Korea’s representative convenience store, signed master franchise contracts with global local companies and is now expanding globally. CU is facing new opportunities on the global stage starting with Mongolia, which has unrivaled market share, and Malaysia, where “K-convenience stores” are all the rage.

  • Earth and society’s best friend, BGF

    With "I CU", a program to protect and handle children in danger, and "BGF Bridge", a program to quickly mobilize at national disaster sites to help with relief activities, BGF Retail is fulfilling its role as a public infrastructure with its network of franchisees that is the largest in Korea.

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